This was a dating blog that has turned into a life blog. I found the man I love while dating and will now see what happens in life.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The Final Act

So I decided to give this very persistent, spoiled, attractive, man a chance. I thought to myself "what guy would pursue a girl for over a week if he wasn't kind of into me?" Wrong!

BallerinO and I went out on a few dates, all went very good. We met for appetizers once; he took me to the park with a bottle of wine on a different day; and he took me out to dinner on our final date. And that is where this story begins....We went to a little Italian place, Tucci's. I love this place and if anyone has a free night they should check it out because the food is amazing! So we ate and drank and were merry. When we were finished eating we were jamming out in the car, having a good time and every once and a while he would grab my hand and gently kiss it. We got back to his house and we began talking and listening to music. One thing led to another and a full on make out session had began. After several minutes of this he looks at me and announces "Let's have sex." I reply the same as I have from the beginning, "No." He said "But I bought condoms!" At this point in time was he wanting me to say "Oh, well since you bought them, OK let's do it!" No sir! I again looked at him and simply replied "No, we aren't having sex." He huffs and gets up. From the kitchen he says to me, pointing towards to door, "If we aren't going to have sex you need to just leave." Waiting to see if he was serious I just looked at him. Then he said "You are so boring, just go." At this point in time he went to refill his drink or something, I didn't stay long enough to find out. I grabbed my purse and left. While getting in my car I glanced up and he is standing on the balcony just watching me. Ugh. I don't need this BS from men.

BallerinO, this was your final act with me. The curtain is closed.

Friday, August 14, 2009


The following story makes me sound shady but remember, I was left at a bar by Marine. I'm OK with what happened so you need to be OK with it too....

Minutes after Marine left, a very attractive and fit man came up to talk to me. He reminded me of a Ken doll. Longer wavy blonde hair and a rock hard body....whats not to like?! We talked for a long time, he introduced me to his sister and his friends, and they were engaging me in conversation as well. They told me they were walking next door to meet some other friends and they would like for me to join them. At this point in time I was thinking, what else have I got to lose tonight, I've already been left once! So I joined this very attractive man, his sister, and their friends at the bar next door. Everything was going great! Attractive man was paying attention to me like no other girls in the bar existed, his sister bought me a drink, and the friends were telling me about their families and work. Here's where my judgement went down the tube. They were all going to go his house and swim and invited me to go with them. I went. In my defense, I wasn't a complete idiot, I drove myself (yes I drank and drove, I'm sorry) so just in case something was to happen I could leave at my discretion. Everyone just took their clothes off (keeping the under garments on) and jumped in. For all of you who know me, I'm not OK with taking my clothes with so many people around, especially since they all had amazing bodies. Attractive man went to look for his suit because he apparently wasn't wearing under garments. While looking for his shorts he showed me around his house...I'm sorry, mansion. The house was amazing! He went into the laundry room to get his shorts and started kissing me...I didn't want to give him the wrong impression (or get raped) and that's when my clear judgement came back and I said I had to go. I left that very instant waving good bye to all as I passed them to leave. I got to my car and realized that I left in such a rush I didn't even get my purse. What an idiot. I left him in the laundry room barley said good bye to anyone and now had to go back up and face everyone again...ugh. When I walked back up the longest driveway ever, there waiting for me was Attractive man, with my purse. I said thank you and was unsure what to do from there so I left again. As I am walking away he yells out "I'll call you. I want to hang out again." I was thinking, sure you will buddy. He called me before I made it home but I didn't answer. He text and called me the next day and asked me out for a drink. I was shocked! Trying to give him the benefit of the doubt, I went. I had a margarita and he had a couple beers. Over our drinks we talked about ourselves, what we did, where we're from, where we want to go...blah blah the usual stuff. Come to find out, he's a ballet dancer, races cars, and collects cars. Wow! We then went to Riverside and sat by the fountains and talked some more. All of the sudden he again leans over and kisses me. I let him this time. Everything was fine until he starts talking dirty in my ear. Not just a little dirty but very dirty, vulgar, xxx rated. This is a complete turn off to me not only when I'm in a relationship but especially when I'm not. I made no excuses, I just told him I was leaving.

I haven't seen him in a week. He calls me and texts me everyday. He calls me beautiful, cutey, and sexy. He asked me everyday if we can hangout, everyday I say no. He texts me saying stuff like, I hope you're having a wonderful day. I told him that I wasn't going to have sex with him and so if that's what he is looking for then needs to go away and there will be no hard feelings. But no, the calls and texts keep coming. Why is this man being so nice to me when I am blowing him off so much? I think its because he thinks if he's nice long enough he'll get some action. Sorry Ballerino, I'm a smart girl.

Monday, August 10, 2009


I used to tend bar downtown. One day a fairly attractive man came and ate lunch, I later found out he used to be a Marine. We kept making eye contact. After several weeks of lite conversation and eye contact, Marine asked if he could take me out for lunch instead of me serving him lunch. Normally I politely decline any invitations given to me from work because I don't want to start drama there, but I had been thinking about quiting and he was a nice man.

I am a believer in Karma. If you do good then good will happen and on the other hand, if you do bad, bad will happen. He also believed this and then took this concept a step farther...he thought that certain people were connected through mind waves. Marine thought you could connect to someone, even if they aren't around, through the mind. He thought that people could scientifically be in two places at once, and had "documentation" to back up his point of view. This was weird to me. I don't know how to politely say it, he was just weird. I got the feeling that he made up his own rules to life and I wasn't sure how to respond to it all. Along with his beliefs he also decided to share with me that he had been married before, for three years. This was a turn off for me because I haven't been married and would like to be with someone who hasn't either. The first date was over with and I thought, maybe he was just nervous and will clam down on expressing his point of view on everything. It was all about him.

By this time I had quit my job. Marine asked out for appetizers and drinks after work one day. I accepted the invitation and we had a great time. Then again he brings up the fact that he had been married again. As we continue talking he says "My first marriage...." blah blah blah. What?! First? So I ask, "First? So you have been married more than once?" His response was something along the lines "I have been married twice but the first one didn't count because I got it annulled". Thinking to myself, he could of been young or in Vegas (ha ha), maybe it lasted a a couple days or weeks....I was trying to be understanding but was confused all at the same time. The only logical thing for me to ask next was "When were you married first and for how long?" And his response was "I was 23 and married for six years." Hold on just a second! You can't be married for six years and get it annulled! He said it was a mistake because he married her for religious reasons and they agreed to separate. I don't give a rats ass why you got married or why you separated...after six years it's considered a marriage and a divorce. A rose by any other name would smell just as sweet. OK maybe the wrong context but you get my point! I couldn't hold this point in, I wasn't sure if he thought he could really pull the wool over my head or what. He thought I was being rude for asking and inconsiderate of his beliefs so he did what any reasonable man would do, he left me. I was thrown off by this turn of events. There I was sitting with a drink in hand, all alone. I drove myself so I wasn't to terribly concerned. I turned to watch him walk to the car and curious if he would feel like a dumb ass and come back....he didn't. But what he did do was sit in his car and not leave. I'm not really sure if he was watching me but what else would he of been doing? Not five minutes after he left a very attractive man came over and began talking to me. About that time Marine drove away.

Designer Schminer

I know it's been a while since I've been on here...I've had a couple interesting dates, to say the goes!

For a few months I was talking to Graphics Designer. We met through a mutual friend at a concert. He was a very respectful and polite first. He always wanted me to come over as soon as he got off work, he liked taking me out to dinner, and I never once picked up a tab! What girl wouldn't like this? One night I was having a girls night and he was hanging out with his friends. He called me up and asked it me and my girlfriend wanted to meet up with him and his friends, that way we could hang out together. After talking with my girlfriend we decided to give it a shot! Upon arrival he introduced me to his friends and I did the same. Things were going well...very well! We decided to leave the original place and head to another. Before leaving we were all trying to figure out who was riding with who and here's where things got weird...I went to Graphics Designer to see who is was riding with he said "Go home. I'm going to have more fun with these people, so just go home." What?! Who says that?! I looked at him to see if he was kidding and nope, he wasn't. So I left. It was too late and I had been drinking so I couldn't drive home. My girlfriend went home and I decided to stay at his place. I know it sounds weird to do that but I did it. I fell asleep and a couple hours later he calls and says "Where are you?" I told him I was safe and it didn't matter. (Part of me thought that he found a girl and was going home with her, that's why he wanted me to leave.) He then said he was on his way home so I had to tell him I was sleeping at his place. He said that was fine because he wanted to talk to me anyway. When he got there he was wasted drunk. He came up and tried to give me a hug and I just stood there waiting for what could possibly come next. He said that he didn't think we were going to work out (thanks captain obvious, don't you think I have already figured that out!?) He then went on to say that I was (and I am quoting exactly) "Not fun enough, not Catholic enough, and not sexy enough"! Ha ha! Whatever! I just shook my head and went back to sleep. I woke up in the morning to him trying to lay next to me and cuddle and snuggle with me. I pushed him away and he looked at me confused. I said "Do you remember the conversation we had last night?" He said "Yes". I asked him if he felt the same way. He said "Yes". I said "So why are you trying to hug me?" He said he still likes me. What?! I said I didn't need this so I was leaving. He said "You don't have to leave, we could hang out today." This boy was crazy confused. Needless to say, we didn't work out. And I know I'm no Angelina Jolie but I think I'm a fairly attractive girl. I am proud to not be Catholic (no offense to anyone who is), and I know I'm fun who knows what he's talking about there. Another funny thing...since we had been talking for a while I became friends with his friends and I was informed by him that I was no longer aloud to talk to them. Ha Ha! The next day I was invited to a birthday party that he hadn't even been invited to! When party time came around all his friends said that he messed up big time and guess what, he tried to get me back...did it work? NO WAY IN HELL! (The picture is me hanging out with his friends...yes I am wearing a wig and yes it's as a joke)