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Sunday, June 27, 2010

The Man

As you all have read, I have been enjoying the company of Runner. What I didn't write about was that I was also talking to The Man. I met him the same time I met Runner but never actually met him face to face.

The Man and I made plans to meet for dinner on Wednesday, after talking for almost to a month. Unfortunately, my cousin was pregnant and was admitted to the hospital with complications. I called The Man to tell him that I would have to post pone our date due to my cousin and her delivering her baby at only 27 weeks. The doctor told is the baby would be here by 7 p.m. When 7 came and went and there was still no baby, I decided to call The Man and tell him to meet me for dinner. He agreed to meet me. With my cousin and here baby on my mind, I probably wasn't the best date but knew I liked this guy. After dinner I went back to the hospital. I couldn't stop thinking about him. (The baby came the next day, weighing in at 2 lbs 4 oz and is stable.)

The Man and I went out again Friday night. This is where things get interesting. We decided to go to the River Walk and find some food and entertainment. We parked near Los Cabos and walked through their patio. In my mind I was thinking, "Of course he wants to go to Los Cabos. All boys want to take me to Los Cabos." Instead he says, "Let's keep waling and see what else we can find." Woo hoo! He was different!

We walked down to Calistoga where we found a salsa band playing outside and decided to stop there and eat. We had so much fun talking and laughing. We also decided that we were going to take salsa dance classes. We wanted to be out there dancing with all the Latin's but knew we would make asses of ourselves if we tried. We sat there for hours listening to music, laughing, talking and looking at people. I knew this man was different than any other man I had ever met. He held my attention. He was captivating. I loved the way he looked at me. He was easy to talk to. After about 3 hours or so, we decided to take a stroll down the river.

We came to a break in the trees where you could see the river clearly. We were joking about his the river was looking good. It was dark so you couldn't see how muddy and murky it is, hence the only reason why it looked good. Let me preface this next statement by saying I never make the first move. For whatever reason in the middle of laughing at the river and its nastiness, I leaned over and kissed him. His lips were soft and it was perfect. His simple smile of satisfaction said enough. This is when it happened. We continued walking.

We decided we should head out since I needed to be home at a decent hour. When we returned to his house to go to the car, we kissed again. I told myself I had to see this man again. It was after this date that I realized that this is The Man I will marry. He is everything I think I want and everything I didn't know I wanted. I hope I am not going to eat my words later and regret saying this but I have an amazing feeling about this man.

I saw him again last night. We sat at the park for a few minutes before we went back to his house to watch a movie. We didn't get into our movie very much before the kissing started again. Hee hee :)We did stop and talk. He told me how wonderful he thought I was, how he thought I way out of his league, how lucky he was to have me and how he wanted to spoil me because I deserve it. He also told me he could see himself falling for me really fast. It was then that I decided to let it all out. I had nothing to lose. I told him that before coming to meet him I ate dinner with my father. At dinner I told my father I was going to go hang out with my future husband. My dad was shocked. This is not a normal thing for me to say. The Man looked at me and again, simply smiled. He just leaned over and gave a me a huge hug. We decided to not date anyone else.

If I said I was happy, that would be the understatement for the year. My life couldn't be falling into place more wonderfully.


Blogger suburban hippie mama said...

wowzers! i can't believe you said all that stuff and he's still around! he must feel that way about YOU! wishing you all the best! love ya!

June 30, 2010 at 6:18 AM

Blogger Danielle said...

Yayy!! My fingers are crossed!

July 1, 2010 at 9:34 PM


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