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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Although Adorable, No Longer Appealing

So, after my last post I received a text message from Adorable that said we needed to get together to talk about our expectations of each other. Ugh! That does not sound like fun at all! It sounded more like a business deal. Long story short, I ended up going to his house to talk and it was just as awkward as I thought it would be. He was a nervous wreck, all fidgety and stuff. He asked what I expect from him. I simply told him I expect that he treats me with respect and be honest with me. Aside from that, I don't expect anything. I am getting ready to graduate and he just got a new job that will require him to move to Texas for a year. What could I expect form him?! I told him I just liked hanging out and then things just got weird. He said he wanted to hangout sometime and I said that would be fine but I needed to leave because I had a bunch of stuff to do. I haven't seen him since. He did text me once to see how my day was going...yoo hoo. I liked the thought of this guy but I'm over him now. There are other fish in the sea that I will like the thought of later. Maybe it's a mutual thing now, we just aren't into each other anymore.


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