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Sunday, April 4, 2010

My Adorable Easter Treat

The last table I served on my last day of serving tables was how I met the next man I would go out on a date with. I don't even know a good name for him yet so I will call him Adorable. Adorable came in with Guy and Girl, both friends. The only thing I thought about when they came into the restaurant was how much I hate serving cute guys. When I got to the table Girl was fun and nice and we immediately started talking and joking around. Nothing crazy exciting happened over their lunch, after they were finished they left. Didn't think too much about it until about two hours later when Adorable came back into the restaurant. I asked him if he left something, which I knew he didn't because I cleaned their table. He said slowly, "No, I was wondering if you would like to come to a party with me?" I couldn't help but smile (actually holding in a little giggle) because I think high school was the last time I was invited to a party by a boy I barely knew. I still said yes. I asked him to wait five minutes because I was getting off work and my boss was standing right behind me. He waited and we exchanged numbers.

When it came time to head to the party I called him, as instructed. He told me the party was lame and he would be embarrassed if I went over there. He instead suggested to go out for a drink at the wine bar. I went there and found a seat. About five minutes later Adorable walks in with six of his closest girl friends. They were all excited to meet me, all shaking my hand and Girl (from lunch) even gave me a hug. I was happy that everyone was so happy to meet me. The girls told me how great Adorable was and how much they liked me. We all shut the wine bar down. Instead of going home, a few of us decided that we should go to Adorable's house and play Guitar Hero. We played that stupid game until 5 in the morning and had a blast. I got a kiss that night. Unfortunately, I don't remember it. Oops. It couldn't of been bad, right? Otherwise I would of remembered that.

He went out of town the next week. He would call me throughout the week just to say hi. On Wednesday night he called and asked me out for Sunday brunch. Apparently in my wine drunken state I mentioned how much I loved brunch. And in his drunken state he remembered that!

Saturday morning I texted him and told him to have a safe trip home. His response was he didn't know if he had food poisoning or a virus but he was really sick. I secretly thought he may be trying to back out of brunch. Ugh! Without trying to seem over eager, I told him that if he needed to cancel it would be OK. He said he would keep me posted. At 10:30 Saturday night, Adorable texted me and told me when and where to meet him Sunday. That was a relief, maybe he wasn't trying to get out of it after all.

Sunday morning finally came! I was nervous and excited. We met at Palace Cafe. Brunch went well, or so I thought. I told him I was going to go to the Philbrook Museum to walk around if he wanted to join me and he said no! He told me he need to mow his lawn. Is that the male equivalent to a girl saying she has to wash her hair?! Ouch! I played it off like it was cool and like it would be a great day to do lawn work. I was thinking to myself, "It's all good. Not everyone has to like you. It's OK if he's just not that into you." I thanked him for brunch and gave him a hug outside before parting ways.

As much as it sounds like that is the end of the date, it wasn't.

When I got to my car I turned my volume back up on my phone, got my music turned on, and buckled in. While sitting at the traffic light on my way to the Philbrook my phone rang. It was Adorable. Before I could even finish saying hello he cuts in saying "If the invitation is still open I would like to join you. I don't know what I was thinking. Why would I say I wanted to mow when you asked me to join you?" Needless to say, we met at the museum.

We were at the museum for a few hours. We walked through several exhibits and then headed outside. About the time we got outside I noticed he had these dark circles that appeared around his eyes. I felt bad for thinking the day before he may had been faking it to get out of the date. He obviously wasn't feeling good. We went and sat in the tempietto for a while, watching people walk by and enjoying the weather. He looked over at me at one point and said "I just want you to know that I want to kiss you but I don't know if I'm contagious so I'm not going to." I was excited that he wanted to kiss me but felt bad because he wasn't feeling good. I smiled and said thanks but I was OK with no kiss because I didn't want his funk. I also reassured him that it would be OK if he wanted to leave since he was feeling bad. He said no and he wanted to stay. That made me smile. While walking back inside to the museum he said "I like your shorts." Women liked to be complimented. Brownie point for him. When we decided that it was time to part ways, again a hug was our parting endearment.

I couldn't help but smile while driving home. I like this boy. He is a great dresser, completely adorable, and great company. I got a text shortly after arriving home and it read "I had a great time. Thanks again for letting me join you at the Philbrook. I'm just throwing this out there...I think you have great shoes :) and you are absolutely beautiful." I like that he noticed my great shoes and acknowledged them! I can't wait to see this boy again...especially when he is feeling better.

And while typing this blog he asked me if he could make me dinner later this week. What do you think I said?


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