This was a dating blog that has turned into a life blog. I found the man I love while dating and will now see what happens in life.

Monday, January 11, 2010

My Late Birthday Present

On my birthday I met a guy I will call Louisiana. For my birthday I had a Christmas themed party, everyone was to dress as their favorite Christmas character. I was an elf. We started the party around 6 p.m. and I didn't meet him until after midnight...needless to say my memory of him was less than great. Aside from knowing I like talking to him and thinking he was cute, I didn't remember a thing at all! (My good friend told me that he was wearing a plaid dad wears plaid oxfords...huh oh!)

Louisiana asked me out, and of course I accepted, but wouldn't tell me where we were going. He told me he would call me the day of and let me know how to dress. (He also offered to pick me up, which was totally cute, but I declined.) I anticipated the phone call all day and finally at about 3 hours prior, he told me where we would go...Flemings! Before getting off the phone he said "How will I recognize you without the elf costume?" which was exactly what I was thinking minus the elf costume part. Hahaha! I was relieved to know that I wasn't the only one that couldn't remember! So, after a brief description of ourselves, we hung up. I was so excited that I actually let out a giddy little scream when I hung up the phone.

Upon arriving at the restaurant I found that I was the first to arrive. Instead of awkwardly sitting at the table alone I opted to stand at the front and wait for him. While waiting for Louisiana an old friend walked in. I told her I was here for a first date and about that time he walked in. Old friend looked at him and then me and asked "Is that him?" And all I could say was "I think so." Well, it was him and he was cute, well dressed and a gentleman right off the bat. He let me walk ahead of him while being taken to the table...I love that! After taking our seats he simply handed me the wine menu and said "Pick one." He said he didn't know that much about wine so he trusted whatever I picked. The rest of dinner went great. Conversation was good, he was really easy to talk to. After over 2 hours of conversation we decided to head out. He invited me to go with him to a friends birthday party and I thought it sounded fun so I went.

When we got to the party everyone was so excited to meet me and welcomed me with open arms. They were so nice! One thing that I like about him was he likes me being me. FireFighter always used to tell me I said weird things at weird times and did weird things at weird times but Louisiana liked it and joined me in my weirdness. When walking to and from the car he would walk closest to the street so that I wouldn't have to. He opens doors for me. He tries to make me comfortable. He looked into my eyes and told me I was beautiful. This weekend was great. In addition to our dinner date we had a board game night with his friends and he took me to a movie, all equally as wonderful! Now it's Monday, I had to pause while typing this to answer his call, he asked me out to dinner again. He didn't tell me where we were going but I can't wait to see! I am trying really hard to not get my hopes up but how can a girl not be excited about such a seemingly good guy?!