This was a dating blog that has turned into a life blog. I found the man I love while dating and will now see what happens in life.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Ummm, No Thanks, I'd Rather Be Alone.

This, my friends, is why you don't have coffee with a guy you went out with for 2 and 1/2 years. We, D Bag and I, were together for, like I said, 2 and 1/2 years. Why it took me that long to realize I was worth more than what he had to offer me is beyond me!

We met for coffee at Starbucks, the place where we met, so that was weird to begin with. Upon seeing me he gives me the up and down once over and tells me how good I look. I said "Oh, thanks" knowing full well I dressed cute on purpose. He so graciously let me order my hot tea first. Girls, you know we all do it, look out of the corner of our eye, to see if they are getting their wallet to pay for the whole thing or not. Well, he wasn't, so I paid for my tea and got out of his way. Guys, don't invite a girl out for coffee and not pay for it. We went to sit down and began talking. At first, everything was fine, we were just catching up on each others family's and how they were doing. After that conversation was over with he then began to pry into my personal life. Asking who I was one, and love it. Have I been dating...of course, jack ass! And many more. After being completely honest with him, he goes on to tell me how he sleeps with as many "ho's" as he can. Ummm...why are you telling me this? You are grossing me out, not making me jealous. So, by my count he slept with a solid 20 people in this last year. One he met at a hockey game and 3 hours later they were in the bathroom doing it. And how he won't waste his money on a girl if he knows she'll put out without it and if she won't put out he won't waste his time on her anyway. He told me how he has so many girlfriends but just one that he sleeps with regularly. Nasty. Just typing this, I feel like I need to go wash my hands.

While D Bag is telling me about his sexual rendezvous's, I am just staring at him with a look of disgust on my face. He then goes on to say "95% of women in Tulsa are ho's, except you of course." He said how smart, attractive, and not ho-ey I am and that's what guys look for when they are ready to settle down. Ummm...thanks. Coming from D Bag, I'm not really sure how much of this I will take to heart. He noticed the look on my face and asked me "Are you judging me?!" I said "No, I'm not judging you but I know I would never touch a guy like you and if you came up to talk to me I would look at you like you were crazy." He said "I think you are judging me!" "I just know that you sleep with a lot of people and that to me isn't safe. What do you tell these girls when you are finished using them?", I ask him. And he says, "I'm honest with them, I feel honesty is the best policy. I tell them I don't want anything else from them." Hence the name D BAG! I know it takes two to tango but he is going out looking for girls to sleep with one time and leave them, he's just as big of a ho than they are! He then tells me, he's a catch and these girls are lucky to get to sleep with him. What?! I am thinking to myself "What part of you is a catch?! You're divorced. You have 2 very bratty spoiled kids. You're openly a ho. You are admittedly, a porn addict. You are uneducated. You're working in a job that you can only go so far in. And you aren't attractive!"

I, at this point time, was beyond ready to leave. Sitting with my arms crossed he asked me, "Are you bored?" I simply told him "No, not bored, but I do think it is time for me to go."

The moral of this story is, don't question why you aren't with your ex still. I couldn't be happy that I'm not with a guy like this. If I was with this man now, I would be finishing school a very unhappy person and not getting my master's degree. I also wouldn't have the great friends and greater connections with my family that I have now, had we stayed together. Him emailing naked pictures of himself to a girl, ending our relationship, was the best thing that could of happened. I wouldn't change a thing. I couldn't be as happy as I am today, single, with my friends and family surrounding me!

Friday, December 4, 2009

Let Me Get You Drunk So You Can Drive Home

FireFighter texted me out of no where on Tuesday. He said he wanted to buy me a drink. Wednesday and Thursday I had presentations to make so this would be a perfect way to put those behind me, so I accepted.

Last night, I met him at Charleston's and we each got a glass of wine (followed by another). There was good conversation and catching up. I did not however let things go when it came to how things ended and asked him what he had been doing for the past month. He had been "talking to people" was his response. Nice. On his facebook (and myspace) it says he is open for "friendship" "dating" or a "serious relationship" and he's on I asked him how important it was to him to find someone since he has those on there all the time. I also asked him if he was really looking for friendship and a relationship or just booty. He laughed it off so I got the answer.

We closed the place down. As we were leaving he asked me if I wanted to go back to his place and keep talking. I agreed, knowing full well, what he probably had in mind. When we got back to his house we listened to some music and he brought me another glass of wine. Yes folks, that's three by this point in time. Things were going great and yes, there was kissing. After a good make out session I decided it was time to go. As he walks me out to the car he says "Are you OK to drive?" I said "Probably not." He said "OK, well, I'll talk to you tomorrow!" Wow! Thanks for caring so much. I drove him. (Don't judge me, I know what I did is wrong.)

Today came and I have been busy with family stuff and cleaning and now that tonight has come I have realized, you guessed it folks, no phone call. You know why? I didn't put out. His evil plan didn't work! Muah ha ha ha ha (said in the most evil voice while laughing and tilting my head back)! And to top it off Chef friend just called and asked me to go with him next Friday to see the Transiberian Orchestra! On the upside, I know Chef doesn't expect me to put out (or even kiss him, that would be weird too) and it'll be a great time. Don't be an ass to me, I can get another date in no time.