This was a dating blog that has turned into a life blog. I found the man I love while dating and will now see what happens in life.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Stood Up and Loved It!

Last night I was suppose to go on a date with Hippie, a guy I met earlier in the week at a concert. We talked everyday and he asked me what my plans were for the weekend. When I told him, he asked me out for Saturday night. We didn't make definite plans like meet at X place at X time, just that we were going to do something. When Saturday rolled around I shot him a text to confirm and got nothing. I wasn't upset, just confused. Why put in all the time and effort, ask me out, and not call? It was your idea, idiot.

Instead of sulking, like many women would, I decided that I was going to take myself to dinner. Soon after this decision was made, I got a text from FireFighter. Yeah, that's right, the guy who's house smelled like wet dog, I paid for my part of the date (read previous blog), and didn't talk the entire last half of the date. He and some buddies were going to go to the casino and said I should join them, it should be a good time. I thought, why the hell not, what else am I going to do. So I did.

I took myself to Michael Fusco's. It was amazing. I got a side salad and the most amazing shrimp and lobster bisque along with a glass of wine (actually 2, the bartender gave me another because I told him I got stood up, some good things come out of being stood up!).

After my delicious dinner I headed to the casino. It took me 2 times around the building to figure out how to valet. Had anyone been with me, this would of been a more comical event, watching me trying to figure out why the valet sign doesn't have an arrow to the side street that you have to pull off onto...ugh. So i finally make it into the casino and find them. FireFighter and Friend are looking great and playing poker(?). Every once and a while he would reach down and softly touch my calf and squeeze it a little when he would win. I forgot how cute he was.

I don't gamble so I sat there and watched them play a few hands until we decided that we needed a drink. We went to the bar, where an amazing band called 2 a.m. was playing, I highly recommend seeing them if you have the chance, they rocked. We sat there and talked and "people watched". By people watch I mean judged people. Let me explain. We are at an Indian casino, no the classiest place in Tulsa and there are all walks of life in there. We saw a white guy with a mullet (combing his mullet), a black guy with a rag on his head, a white guy that was dressed like Tim McGraw, and a couple black ladies that were dressed to go to bed, or jogging, it was hard to tell. FireFighter, Friend and I decided that the best thing to do in this situation is pretend that we are from "Culture" magazine so we can get a picture of these people. Friend dares me to go over first so of course I did! I told them I was the editor of "Culture" magazine and we like to take party pic's and put them in the magazine. They were completely stoked and all about it. I turned around and waved to FireFighter and Friend to come join us. We then explained that we were taking a night off so we don't have our cameras, but saw them, an unlikely friendship, and decided we had to get a picture to put in the magazine. Mullet combed his hair real quick with a fine tooth comb, Tim straightened his hat, and black guy slouched a little lower in his seat. After Friend took the picture, they started asking when the issue would be out. Having not discussed this we all gave what answer we thought would be best (later discovering that we all gave the same answer of November). We were then given all of their email addresses to that we could send them a copy of that issue. What an elaborate lie we told! It was a blast!

After going back to our table, Friend spots a girl he likes but is to shy to talk to her. So again, yes, I went and talked to her. She was cute and sweet. I told her that she needs to give me her number so that Friend can call her and she did! She seemed excited about it too. She should be Friends has big muscles, a real job and he's a good person, he's a catch.

After listening to the band some more, having another drink, and dancing (FireFighter actually asked me to dance with him and all the old people dancing, it was fun) we head off to the blackjack tables, where another friends shows up. They all sit at the table with all these other men, I'm sitting between FireFighter and a grandpa. And again when he would win he would gently squeeze my crossed leg. The other men noticed this and said the reason he was winning so much was because he had his good luck charm with him. They played awesome and he won like 500 bucks. By this time it's 3 a.m. and we are starving. As you all know there are only a few choice establishments open at this time of the night so we went to IHOP. At IHOP we judged more people while we ate our eggs and hash browns. Who knew IHOP could be so much fun!

At the end of the night FireFighter walked me to my car and Friend went to pull his truck around. As soon as we get to my car FireFighter leans in for a kiss and Friend pulls up and leans out the window of the truck and says "let's see how awkward I can make this" and just stares at us. Hahaha! So that was the end of that. I topped the night of with little kiss in the IHOP parking lot, I'm so classy. And at 5 a.m. I drove home and was asleep before my head hit my pillow.

The moral of this story is who cares if you get stood up.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Double Shot of Nothing

This date happened months ago but thought it was worthy of being posted. Thank you Dana and Ely.

My sister and brother-in-law thought it would be great to set me up with a friend that owns a coffee shop. For those of you who don't know, I don't drink anything with caffeine, this should of been a clue.

Coffee Shop decided that we should go meet for a drink before he commits to a full dinner date, which is understandable, I don't want to be stick with a guy through dinner if he's bad company...well maybe, depends on where we're eating. Anyway, we met for drinks at the same place people who want to be trendy always meet for drinks. It's a good place but very unoriginal for a meeting place.

Prior to the date we had talked on the phone and had several exchanges of text messages, I had never actually seen him. So, when I walked into the wine bar I walked right past him at first because he told me he was at the back of the bar. He wasn't at the back, he was in the middle. How do you confuse the back with the middle? I called him because I was annoyed that he wasn't where he said he was going to be. While on the phone I walked past him and he caught my eye. He was cute. He had muscles. He had a sweet face. He knew how to dress. I smiled and we got a table. It wasn't two minutes after we sat down that he waved at a guy and he came over to talk. Coffee Shop and guy talked for about 15 minutes. When he left Coffee Shop asked me a few questions but with every answer he would look over my shoulder and stare right through me. Then some other people would walk by and he would wave them down. This went on for the entirety of the date, which didn't last that long...I can take a clue. Guys, if you want to know what to do on a date to make a girl feel like she doesn't matter at all and guarantee you don't get a second date, call Coffee Shop. If my memory serves me right he did pay the tab and we said our awkward hand shaking good bye and I left. Yes, you read right, I left. He stayed and hung out with all his buddies. Was it possible that I was on display for people and didn't realize it? If so, why was I not given the thumbs up?! If I thought about this for too long I would be in trouble...when in reality, who cares if you don't get along with a guy?! Who cares if he's not into you?! It just means there is something else out there for you, and in my case, it's always another bizarre date, and for you it's another wacky story to read on my blog!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The Final Test

I decided that I could not handle Mr. Teach For America's over the top snuggles. I like my space. When I'm reading my homework, I don't like having someones head resting on my shoulder. (Literally, reading over my was horrible. I made up an excuse that I had to use the restroom so that I wouldn't hurt his feelings and I could get him off of me.) I don't like telling someone about my day and having him get so into it or whatever that he kneels on one knee right in front of me and grabs my hand. I wasn't crying, I didn't need assistance getting through a troubled time, I was telling him about how Studio class sucked because it was so long. Give me space!

I also came to the conclusion that his fashion, or lack there of, was more than I could bear. I don't like slacks with Teva sandals, or just Teva sandals for that matter. I don't like his jean shorts and I don't like that he wears T-shirts every single day (unless he's at work). I like a man that can dress to impress. T-shirts are great on the weekends when hanging out, I'm all about them then, but if you ask me over for dinner or want to take me out, throw on a polo for crying out loud! I like to feel like I'm important enough for you to dress up for, I dress up for you!

So, what I learned was that definitely like for men to dress to impress since woman do for them. I also learned that I am a little more vain than I had ever thought I was, and I'm OK with that! I learned that I don't like men that cry on our second date, even if they are sad for their sister.

Mr. Teach For America did not pass the test.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Mr. Teach for America

For my internship I have to go to all the school is in the school district and survey classrooms. Exciting I know. I went to a school on their first day of school and they were having an assembly on school conduct or something. I was relieved to not have to deal with all the teachers. I got through the entire down stairs and was making my way upstairs to get on with the second floor. As I got to the top of the stairs I notice about 5 or 6 teachers standing in the hall talking. I went into a couple classrooms and as I make my way down the hall they stop me and ask me what I'm doing. I noticed a man with black hair, blue eyes, and a good build. I explained what I was doing and went on with my business. I walked into a room and noticed Black Hair, Blue Eyes was sitting at his desk. We started talking and and I noticed his shirt. It was ugly. Long story short he asked me out and I accepted, ugly shirt and all.

Our first date we met at McNellie's. It was amazing conversation! We talked for hours. I did how ever notice he was wearing Teva sandals. I'm not ok with this but let it slide.

Our second date was to see Inglorious Bastards. Amazing movie but again not an amazing shoe choice. And to top it off he was wearing jean shorts. Unless you are in grade school, you don't look cute in jean shorts. If your going to the lake or river or working in your yard, fine, but never on a date!

We've seen each other a few times sense and every stinking time he's wearing these blasted Teva sandals! When leaving one night he says to me "ugh...the velcro on my teva sandals aren't working anymore. I think I'm going to have to get a new pair." I took it upon myself to take the opportunity to point out that his shoes are stupid and he should probably just buy some flip flops instead. His response was "but I've been wearing these for at least 6 years!" My point exactly! If you bought them 6 years ago, they are not cool now (and never were might I add) there for you should not buy a new pair! And while you're at it, throw out your stupid jean shorts!

On top of his less than great sense of style he is starting to get really clingy. I don't like PDA or having someone have their arm around my waist while I'm walking, especially this early in the game. I told him to back off and he had but he still thinks its ok to put his arm around while walking...I need my space! Get off of me!

With all of these things in mind I am left with this puzzle...Can I get over his poor fashion choices in hopes of training him dress better? And if so, can I last that long while dealing with all the in my face snuggling and affection?