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Monday, March 30, 2009

The Lawyer

My younger sister Rebekkah is to thank for the next dating experience....

I was introduced to Lawyer at my nephews birthday party and after brief conversation between crying babies and fighting toddlers (both of which are nieces and nephews, not my own!) I told him that if he ever wanted to go out ask Rebekkah or Samuel (her husband) for my number and well, he did. We met at a wine bar that I frequent so I know a few people. We both ordered a glass of wine and began our conversation. I immediately noticed that he sounded like he had a bubble stuck in his throat. I wanted him desperately to take a drink of water so that the bubble would go away yet drink after drink it wouldn't disappear! He was telling me about his home, in an attempt to impress my I think, which was a complete bachelor pad (which is OK, after all, he is a bachelor) but who needs three televisions in their living room alone, a poker table in place of a dinner table, and an air hockey table instead of a spare bed? All a little extreme in my opinion. He then ordered another glass of wine, asks me approximately two questions about myself, and continues about how wonderful he thinks he is. The owner of the bar came over and slyly asked if I was OK, he could tell I was annoyed I guess. While Owner was there, Lawyer asked for yet another glass of wine! He was on his third and I on my first! He quit talking about himself long enough to realize I was out of a drink and offered to get me another but I politely declined because I hadn't eaten dinner yet and knew if I had another I would be a blubbering idiot, much like my date! He said that he hadn't eaten yet either so he offer to take me to dinner....I was hungry so I let him buy me dinner. We drove separate cars and thankfully so after I saw he was obviously intoxicated as indicated by his driving. While leaving the parking lot he not only hit a curb with his BMW, went on the wrong side of the rode and "got lost" and went driving through an empty parking lot! In that two mile drive to P.F. Chang's I called Rebekkah and told her that the guy she set me up with was drunk...she didn't believe me! So at the restaurant, Lawyer and I ordered dinner and yes, you guessed it right another drink! At this point I was drinking because I thought it might make the situation better (it couldn't get any worse)! All through dinner he continued to talked about himself and how he wanted to run for office and how much he loved former president Bush. After dinner while in the parking lot, trying to make a great escape, he comes out of no where and gives me a kiss! AAWWWWW! It was the most awkward kiss ever because I wasn't expecting it and it was between my lips and cheek from a guy who talked the whole night about himself and sounded like he had a bubble stuck in his throat the whole time. Thanks Rebekkah! Never let me go on a date with a guy you think is a annoying to begin with but tell me is OK just because you feel sorry for him! I thought I could trust my own sister!

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Sunday, March 8, 2009

So Far...Not So Good

I am a 27 years old college student and I have been on several dates in the past few weeks, with a bunch of wack-o's to say the least.... A lot of first dates that never lead to anything else by my choice or theirs. I suppose I can give you a brief overview of the most recent dates and what has become of them.

I went on a date with a guy I knew from high school who is now a fire fighter. He invited me to go see Ian Moore with him and some friends. I love Ian Moore and knew that Fire Fighter wasn't a total creep so I went! I drove myself to his house and upon arrival he invited me in to see his place. My first reaction to his place was I was completely overwhelmed by the stench of wet dog! GROSS! Anyone who knows me knows that on top of not being an animal lover I am very against animals in a house...for this very reason! He couldn't find his keys so he was going from one room to the next looking and searching and chit chatting, taking his time while I standing there in the entry trying not to gag and quickly wiping the tears from eyes in case he walked around the corner. He finally found his keys and we were off! When we got to the venue he bought his ticket and stepped aside for me to buy mine. This threw me off but didn't want to seem shocked so I quickly stepped up and bought my ticket. (I was under the impression that when you invite someone to a concert you get the ticket unless previously discussed.) When we were in, we went to the bar to get a drink and you guessed it, I bought my own drinks...all night too! The concert was amazing! After the show he asked if I had my camera, which I didn't, he told me that he was going to meet Ian and I was to stay and sit with his buddy's girl until he got back, all because I didn't have a camera. At this point in time I am annoyed and ready to leave. When he was finished meeting Ian we left. On the way home he had the radio turned up so loud that there was no way to carry on a conversation. When we got to his house , which I didn't dare to enter again, my ears were ringing because the music had been so loud in the truck and I was ready to get home. Aside from the great music at the concert, this date was a bust.