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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Personal Trainer

Quick disclaimer: I'm not sure whats wrong with the layout of this blog but I can't fix the spacing. Please excuse it. I know it's annoying not having separate paragraphs.
As most of you all know, I've turned into quite the gym rat. I have been faithfully going five to six days a week since August. When you go somewhere over and over you get to know people. That is where I met Personal Trainer. I have never used his services as a personal trainer but he is always up there. He likes to joke around with me and give me hard time about how much weight I lift. He would go out of his way to talk to me.
Last week he asked if I was on facebook. Of course I am silly, who isn't?! So we became "friends". After a couple days of chit chatting on facebook I decided that I would give him my phone number. He call me the next day. We had good conversation. He was silly and funny, I like that. I was suppose to take my nephew to a hockey game but a blizzard rolled in so we had to cancel. I was then stuck at home. Personal Trainer lives just over a mile away so he offered to come over and keep me company. We watched a movie and drank a bottle of wine. It was a good time! Since then, we have been talking on a daily basis. He is always texting me and calls me throughout the day. He asked me out for dinner and a movie, about four days ago and of course I accepted.
Last night was our date. I started off annoyed. I saw him at the gym. He was busy training someone so I didn't bother him. I texted him and told him to call me whenever and let me know when he was going to pick me up. He responded that he would be done in an hour. Three hours later he texted me, "what do you want to do?" Excuse me?! You asked me out four days ago and said you would come up with an idea. Whatever. I told him I want to go eat. We ate at one of my favorite restaurants, Mexico Lindo. From the moment he picked me up and through dinner he kept getting text messages and would occasionally respond. Then he got a phone call, that he actually answered. He could tell I was getting annoyed. So he put the phone away for the remaining fifteen minutes of dinner. On the way home, we were laughing and having fun conversation, when the phone rang. He has the hands free thing in his car so when his phone rings it shows who is calling on the screen. A girl's name appeared. I understand guys have friends that are girls but his response to that phone call was a nervous, oh shit, kind of response. He quickly ignored that called. But don't worry the same girl called again. By this time we were sitting in my driveway. I confronted him. I asked him why this girl was calling and texting him so much. He said they use to date but they aren't anymore and it is nothing. I then thanked him for dinner and got out of the car.
When I got into the house I called one of my BFF's and asked her about it. She brings it to my attention that the girl that called the entire time is a girl from our gym! Not only that, she takes all the same classes as me! Ugh. I'm done with that. She can have him. I texted him and asked him, just to make sure, if it was the same girl we thought it was and he confirmed it. I then told him I didn't want to talk to him anymore in a romantic way. He then started blowing up my phone via texts and phone calls. I didn't answer any of them for over two hour. I got dozens and dozens of texts and a handful of calls. Finally, I decided to answer the phone. I told him there wasn't anything to talk about. I don't like games and he obviously wants to talk to more than one person (and sleep with her he told me) and I'm just not into that. He was very persistant about not seeing her anymore and that they were over and how he wants to be with me and only me. No. That's my final answer. I'm finished with that mess.
I know I will still see them both at the gym and I will be nice to both of them but I learned my lesson, Don't date people you meet at the gym, especially ones that work there.