This was a dating blog that has turned into a life blog. I found the man I love while dating and will now see what happens in life.

Monday, October 26, 2009


So my wonderful FireFighter is not perfect. I never thought he was actually perfect but his cranky colors shone brightly over the weekend. He was not nice. He told me he would wait to go to Oktoberfest so that I wouldn't have to drive alone. That almost didn't happen and it seemed that since we were riding in the same car it annoyed him for some reason. Then when we got there he didn't even buy me a beer or bratwurst! I thought that would be the least he could of done since I drove him and his friend there and was sacrificing my fun to drive!

Then, I got left. They wondered off. I decided not to look for them and just get a beer, so that's what I did. They came looking for me about 45 minutes nice of them. Then when it was time to go, they said they were taking a cab to a party and I need to walk to the car by myself. Ummm, if anyone can recall, Oktoberfest isn't exactly in the safest neighborhood. So I fought on that issue. Not OK to make a white girl walk through the drug and prostitute infested ghetto at 10 o'clock at night all alone. So they walked with me. They then decided that it would be silly to take a cab to the party since it was a mile from my house, so they LET me take them there. When we got there I started to drink heavily, why not, I was so close to home! I was having a great time and so was he until he reach some point. He started to argue with me about nothing. (Even the next day he said he didn't even know what we were arguing about.) One thing led to the next, full blown arguing in the car.

I know we all have our days, or even few days but come on dude, snap out of it! Sunday we went to dinner and to see a movie. There was very little conversation over dinner and no hand holding in the movie. I over heard he and his buddy talking and Friend said "Seems like you guys are getting serious". I think this freaked FireFighter out because ever since then he's been....well, the way he's been all weekend.

I am leaving town this week to go hang out with friends in OK City for a couple days. I asked him if he wanted to hang out before I left and his response was "No, I have crap to do". OK dude whatever. You've had off since Friday and don't work again until Wednesday, you're telling me whatever it is you have to do can't be done at any other time, it must be done between 7 and 10 p.m. on a Monday night. I can be slow sometimes but this signal was load clear. Don't think I'll not be calling him.

We started dating a month ago today.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

I'm Not Wasting My Time Anymore

Isn't it weird how when you are in a bad relationship you don't see all the bad until it's too late. You don't realize that they aren't doing the common courtesy things like they should be. For example, calling and saying they are running late. It doesn't seem to occur to them that it's rude to not let you know that they won't be there at 7 like they said. Instead they show up at 7:30, smiling, and wondering why you are annoyed. Or what about if they say "I'll call you back". I never sit around and wait for a phone call but when I'm going to bed and I still haven't heard from them, that's a different story. It's just rude, inconsiderate. Then there are the times when he wants to do something with his friends and wants you to go with him. Sounds great right? But then the whole time he doesn't talk to you, hold your hand, or get you a drink. That's not my idea of fun. If you say you want me to go with you then act like you like that I'm there! I decided that I shouldn't put up with this any more. Why should I waste time on someone who isn't even worth my time?

That's why I like my FireFighter. He is none of those things. The one time he said we would meet at X time and he was running late, he called and told me AND apologized for it! He has invited me out with his friends to watch a football game. I showed up alone because I had to eat dinner with my sisters before I met up with them. Upon my arrival he got up and gave me a kiss in front of his buddies and pulled out my chair. Then to top that off, he would occasionally reach over and squeeze my hand or leg to let me know that he wanted me there. Several times he has told me that he would call me back and he has done exactly that. He went to see the OU v. UT game this weekend with his buddy. We were talking throughout the day, like we usually do, then he just quit when he got to Dallas. I was wondering how this was going to work since we haven't defined exactly what we are yet but I thought his unresponsiveness was a clear sign. Later last night I check my facebook, on there was a message from him saying that he lost his phone. He said he must of left it in the cab and didn't want me to think he was ignoring me. (Past experience has shown that they just wait until they get home and buy a new phone before even thinking about trying to get a hold of me.) And then there was Thursday, he got a tattoo. I thought it might be fun to look at tattoos while he was getting it done but that was about the extent of that. Two and half hours later, it was finished. It was OK. We went home, nothing crazy. Well, when it was time for me to go home for the night he looked at me and gave me a hug and said "Thank you for going with me. You made the experience so much better." That made me smile. What guy gets a tattoo and thanks the girl for going?! He is thoughtful, caring, and considerate. I'm excited about this guy!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

A Movie and McDonald's

So as of my last post I went home because I wasn't feeling well. I was sick all week. I missed two days of school due to this chest congestion, cough, upset stomach thing I had going on. Every day FireFighter would call and check on me. He offered to bring soup and crackers but I wouldn't let him because I didn't want him to get sick (and that would of required me to throw on some lip gloss and mascara, at minimum, and that wasn't going to happen!). So last night was the first time all week that we got to hang out. We had fun, like always. We went and saw Couple's Retreat. I still have this deep cough so when I laugh, which is all the time with him, I sound like a 60 year old woman who has smoked her whole life, which makes us laugh even more. The movie was great! My stupid wheezy cough continued through the whole thing. I love Vince Vaughn!

After the movie we went through the drive thru at McD's. I haven't been there in so long! We got chicken nuggets and french fries to share. We took it back to his place where we sat in front of the TV and watched a Tevo-ed episode of Grey's Anatomy. This guy's great. I enjoyed my McDonald's and a movie date. And people say I'm high maintenance. Ha!

Monday, October 5, 2009

A Fiery Week with a Fireman

This past week has been great! Fireman and I have shared two bottles of wine (each on separate nights), watched movies, talked, went to dinner, shared cocktails out with friends, and watched a football game.

Yesterday I thought it would be nice if I made dinner for him, he agreed. We decided that I should go to his place because of the living my situation. When I got to his house, I got the sudden chills, hands and feet were ice. I couldn't warm up. He was so sweet and got me a blanket AND started a fire. He offered assistance in the kitchen but I insisted he couldn't. I made chicken and tortellini pesto, it was rockin'! After dinner, I was feeling a little bit worse. Again, he was super sweet, he told me to lay on the couch, he covered me up with the blanket and got out his guitar. He played guitar and sang to me for almost an hour. I could feel my eyes getting heavy. Listening to him sing and play was awesome, not to loud, not to soft. As much as I was enjoying it, I suddenly got a headache. Of course he got me a Tylenol and a glass of water! I laid there in his arms for another hour or so and decided that I wasn't feeling any better and should probably go home. He gave me sweet kiss and walked me to my car.

I slept all Sunday (with the exception of about 8 hours, all those prior to making his dinner) and then went home and slept another 12 hours. He was good at taking care of me. Ugh, this sickness needs to hit the road so Fireman and I can hangout some more!