This was a dating blog that has turned into a life blog. I found the man I love while dating and will now see what happens in life.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

New Life, New Blog

Since I have last posted I have started my job and The Man, K, is moving in with me.

We are learning and growing together and it couldn't be more interesting. I now I can be demanding and a little spoiled, and he puts up with me. He can be your typical male, you know messy, tune you out when you are talking, and the world disappears when the TV is on, but I am learning how to manage with all of that. He has met a few people in my family and everyone loves him so far (and he loves everyone). He gets along great with my friends. He loves me for who I am...what more can I ask for?!

As of September he will be living in the house with me. Every weekend we are getting my house ready for him to move his stuff in. Cleaning closets, bathrooms, and garages making room for two of everything just to turn around and sell whichever we don't' like of the two. Needless to say, we will be having a massive garage sale at the end of the month.

Tonight K, Brother in law, and nephew #1 went fishing while I hung out at the house and hung out with nephew #3. I always let the boys pick where they want to eat when we hang out and Nephew #3 chose McDonald's. Ugh. I talked him into going through the drive thru and then we went and met my sister Dana at Mexico Lindo. After an enjoyable dinner we then went to Target where he had$10 to spend. He picked out this giant rubber ball with prickles all over it. Weird but it was his choice. And of course I can't watch him without taking him to get ice cream. I love this kid.

I know this isn't the most exciting but its hard to catch up on a whole month! I'll do better updating on a more regular basis. I need to go tend to the Nephew.